Hi Jammers! Jokapaka here. This is my blog, in wich i post funny pics and randomness. I am Spanish and live in spain, and i am a tiger in AJ. Be sure to comment and jam on!

Dec 2, 2013


What's up, Jammers?
As you might have seen, there is a new page, "comics". Look at it, but first try to guess what it contains. I have a lot of exams now but don´t worry, I´ll still post every day. We've nearly got 100 views, let's see if we can make it for the end of today.
By the way, special thanks to misterchunkybuddy for designing this blog and advertising me. His blog is animaljamcheatsandcodes.blogspot.com, though most of you probably already knowing. Also thanks to Avvy G and raccoon for commenting.
Well, thats all for now. Remember to see the comics.


  1. Wow, nice blog! I really like it, and the pics are really funny!

  2. I don't see why ppl aren't visting ur blog as much as snowyclaw's, yours is as good as her's!

    1. Wow, im glad u say that, though aren't you exagerating? XD Thanks anyway