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Nov 30, 2013

More pics, glitch and new design.

Heya Jamers!
I have this great design in my blog now (thanks misterchunkybuddy for making it). Do u like it?
Anyway, here are some more pics.

Hope i don´t loose ma' balance.

Diving on da pool. :D

And now I´ll show u a strange glitch I found while making these pics.
There is like a stick coming out from the emoticons icon. Wacky, huh?
Well, thats all for the moment. Jam on!


  1. Yay! I now have a comment. (Even though its mine...)
    I was just posting this coment to see my new profile picture XD.

  2. WWOOW! Now three! XD Can u advertise me on yout blog! And don´t call me joka PX

  3. Now u have 4! XD. I am just a random jammer. scree53